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Our express flowers delivery services in Clear Water Bay and Sai Kung areas is excellent, our flowers delivery team will send a surprise to the recipient for any occasion , like Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Graduation or if you missing her, we also can send a gift to her on the same day.

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Birthday Package - Rose Bouquet + Godiva 85c Dark Chocolate
New -7 %
Birthday Packing - 2912 Birthday Package - Rose Bouquet + Godiva 85c Dark Chocolate Flowers Bouquet : 20 Stems Rose Hand Bouquet in Round Sh..
HK$1,420.00 HK$1,320.00
6pcs Carnation in Red color with 6pcs Purple Roses and Purple color forget me not arrange with pink color flowers in a Round Vase..
HK$940.00 HK$860.00
15 Stems Mix Color Holland Tulips Boquuet *Colors of tulips may subject to availability..
HK$920.00 HK$860.00
From the Bright Yellow of the 3 stargazer lilles, the deep red match flowers and the contrasting green leaves and glass vase, these are fresh flowers ..
HK$760.00 HK$740.00
4pcs Asiatic Lily Bouquet..
HK$660.00 HK$600.00